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White Paper
The role of gold in investment portfolios


7 reasons to add gold to investors' portfolios


Research has demonstrated that portfolios containing gold are generally less volatile than those that do not.


Quantitative analysis of gold in different economic and market regimes demonstrates that gold has been valuable for investors as both an alternative source of return and also as a hedge. "The Role of Gold in Investment Portfolios," which examines the history and ongoing debate about owning gold in the context of investors, offers seven compelling reasons why people should consider adding the precious metal to their portfolios.

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PAST PERFORMANCE DOES NOT GUARANTEE FUTURE RESULTS. Inherent in any investment is the potential for loss as well as profit. A list of all recommendations made within the immediately preceding twelve months is available upon written request. Please read Flexible Plan Investments’ Brochure Form ADV Part 2A carefully before investing.


There is no guarantee that any investment strategy will generate a profit or prevent a loss.  There is no guarantee the Gold Bullion Strategy Fund or Gold Bullion Strategy Portfolio (VIT) will achieve its objective.


The principal risks of investing in The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund are detailed in the prospectus and include risks of the Sub-advisor’s Investment Strategy, Risks of Aggressive Investment Techniques, High Portfolio Turnover, Risk of Investing in Derivatives, Risks of Investing in ETFs, Risks of Investing in Other Investment  Companies, Leverage Risk, Taxation Risk, Concentration Risk, Gold Risk, Wholly-owned Corporation Risk, Risk of Non-Diversification and interest rate risk. “Gold Risk” includes volatility, price  fluctuations over short periods, risks associated with global monetary, economic, social and political conditions and developments, currency devaluation and revaluation and restrictions, trading and transactional restrictions.


An investor should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of each The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund before investing. This and other information can be found in the Funds’ prospectus, which can be obtained by calling 1-855-647-8268. The prospectus should be read carefully prior to investing in The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund.


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